We understand that budgeting is an important issue.  Read on for suggestions to help fund Edible Education's Kitchen a la Cart for YOUR school or organization.

21st Century Grants

Each state receives federally awarded 21st century grants. Then each school district receives dedicated dollars, your principals will know how much money the county has for your programming. Eighty percent of the carts already sold have used the 21st century grants as their funding solution.

Partner with local hospitals

Non-Profit hospitals in particular are fantastic partners, they spend money in the community to keep their clients healthier. Hospitals and grocery stores will enjoy the mission you are on to get kids excited about cooking. Their logos can adorn your cart and send home recipes for the marketing reach they may not have access to from their organization. Attached is an editable sponsor package for you to send to prospective partners

Free Sponsorship Package

We have put together a packet that you can present to potential sponsors.  This packet covers who we are, what we do, and how Kitchen a la Cart can benefit your community.  We also have details on suggested sponsorship levels and benefits.  Contact us if you would like more details, or to get a copy of this packet.


The cart is a perfect "Cooking Competition" tool - have teams pay entry fees to your cooking challenge to help raise money for your carts. When the cart arrives, the teams bake off, cook off to the community championship. One of our clients in Wisconsin is hosting a sponsor tea benefit. Everyone loves to see kids succeed, and they can enjoy the delicious student made treats as you introduce the newest interactive mobile kitchen a la cart for the benefit of all.

National Grants

These change often - search the After School Alliance resources, seek out information from the Robert Woods Foundation grants and check out General Mills - these are the top grant resources for healthy living.

Second-grade students from Nishuane, NJ wrote a grant to the Department of Education, and were awarded the funds for a cart.

If second-graders can do it, so can you!

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